Certs & Training

Whether you are a first year apprentice or 25 year journeyman, we strongly recommend that you utilize this valuable resource and obtain this invaluable training whenever time allows. More and more, our union contractors are requiring laborers to be certified in their specific field.

LiUNA members have access to the best continuing education program in North America.

And it’s free! LIUNA training includes more than 50 different courses, opening the door to new opportunity and advancement; providing valuable learning skills such as hazardous materials remediation, remote tunnels, concrete work, and a wide range of other building construction skills. Training helps employers compete with higher productivity and quality, and helps workers earn more and work more safely.

Among The Many Certification Courses Offered Are:​

There are many other classes available that you can utilize to learn a different aspect of construction, or to simply hone your skills. In today’s construction world, a diversified laborer is an employable laborer. If you wish to sign up for a class, simply call the union hall and an agent will submit your application. A daily stipend is paid on most classes at completion of course. Please note that the training center requires you to arrive for class on time. You must also be current on your union dues and dressed in proper attire. You should dress as you would when you go to work.

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